The concept of marriage can be attributed to the marketing concept of packaging and content.
In marketing, what sells is packaging and many businesses leverage on the package as a means of attracting the attention of a potential buyer.
Packaging is the first point to coming in contact with a product.
Packaging is the first impression of the product or service, a consumer gets
Packaging is an invitation to treat and it is the magnet that attracts us to the product.
Hence a lot of thinking go into the packaging, the design, concept formulation and set-up.
But, it will surprise you that what the packaging may offer may not be the same as what is in the product.
In effect, you can be attracted by the packaging of a product and be so disappointed by the content of that product.
This same principle can be applied to marriage. Packaging is important but it is not a critical factor in marriage.
Packaging is like the key that allows you access into the world of marriage but the real marriage goes beyond packaging.
Packaging are the elements that we see in potential spouse and are drawn towards them.
They may be how beautiful or handsome they look, the properties they have, the achievements made et cetera but what makes the marriage are the content herein the virtues in the person that distinguishes him or her.
The content deals with inbuilt character traits – positive or negative that defines a person and last.
The content is what will be consumed in the marriage and not the package.
For example, the coca cola is the drink and not the package bottle that is why the bottle is thrown away but the drink is consumed.
It is therefore important to spend more time developing the content without neglecting the packaging.
For what remains and what lasts is the content and not the package.
Sustainability and survival is dependent on the content and not the packaging.
Longevity is also dependent on the content and not the packaging.
Packaging is fleeting but an effective content shall forever be praised.

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